The Mother of Women Revivalists: Maria Woodworth-Etter

“Mariah Woodworth Etter was born July 22, 1844 in Columbiana County, Ohio. Her life was marked by poverty, hard work and heart ache. As a teenager, she was born again and soon realized that she was called into the ministry. There were no women in the ministry on the national scene to pattern her life after, so she was reluctant to obey. After years of suffering the bitter consequences of her disobedience she finally yielded to the call. The supernatural power of GOD which became the earmark of her ministry would become a model for many who would come after her. The ministry of Mariah Woodworth Etter read like a chapter from the book of Acts as GOD saved, healed and delivered thousands during her campaigns. Later she settled in Indiana where she erected a tabernacle to hold campmeeting style services. By the time she passed away in 1924 Mariah Woodworth Etter had left a legacy of healing evangelism that few could have imagined.” read more

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